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new beginnings
i thought about just picking up my old LJ, but it didn't seem right. after reading thru all my old entries and taking a walk down memory lane i think its just best to keep that chapter of my life closed. i've moved on- i'm a different person. i decided to take this up again upon toxodon's suggestion. i don't write as much as i used to and FB just doesn't have the privacy that this place has. hopefully this will be a good place to vent, reacquaint myself with me, and encourage me to write. streams of consciousness are one of my favorite things. seems a shame to have been suppressing them for all this time. so we'll see how this goes. i have enough things to keep track of these days- but i'll do my best to post when i can & when i feel it necessary.

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yay! I hope you like it here. I like your pic...mine are all old.

what you posted along with zero baggage of an old account really drive the point home of how you are living in a different era now.

I also believe that saying things out loud or otherwise putting them out in a tangible form makes them more real!

i hope so too and thanks! cheryl took it of me at nexus 6 this month!

i believe that just trying to tack on to my old self wasn't appropriate. like you said i'm a new me, an evolved me. so why shouldn't i embrace that?

thanks for getting me on here again, i think its going to be good for me.

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